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November News Letter

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Cape Talk Interview 

Cape Talk Business Accelerator

We were accepted onto the Cape Talk Nedbank Business Accelerator program.

I had kept saying to Roshen and Andrew we really should try and get MeyCom onto the Cape Talk Nedbank Business Accelerator hosted Pavlo Phitidis of Aurik Business Incubator.

 On Wednesday 20th I sat down for a few hours and at 4.50PM pushed the Cape Talk online submission button, thinking maybe I should wait until tomorrow. Had I delayed we would have missed the boat.

9AM the next morning Pavlo’s office came back to us, saying they thought Guardian is a really exciting product… a short telephone interview followed with Pavlo.  We were on the Friday afternoon 5.20PM slot with John Maytham and Pavlo.

MeyCom was to be the last company for this season. Just goes to show you, procrastinate for a moment and you miss the boat.

5.20PM Friday I am on air. I really got a sense of the tension in the studio while waiting to be interviewed.  Talk about ducks gliding around the pond effortlessly while their feet are churning. 

We think the interview went pretty well ...decide for yourself. You will find a link on our website to the Podcast.

We received excellent advice from Pavlo and John Maytham’s questions were right on the button. 

Early next year we will be receiving further assistance in broadening Guardian’s market from them.    

On the Guardian Front

How’s this for a different application for Guardian?  Blinding control room CCTV monitors.

 Andrew was at a local shopping centre, handing over an IP CCTV system to a client of ours.

The client said after the Westgate Mall incident in Nairobi where al-Shabaab gunmen went on the rampage and gained control of the security control room this was of great concern to them.  

The gunmen made use of the CCTV cameras to direct their operation from the control room.

Could we use Guardian to shut down the CCTV cameras ?  Andrew’s reply was why not shut down the monitors remotely, keep the cameras recording.

We just keep listening  to our customers and they keep coming up with new ideas for us.






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